What does the boxing glove in toy blast do?

Are you puzzled by the enigmatic boxing glove in Toy Blast? Curious about its role and how it can transform your gaming experience?

In this article, we unravel the mystery behind the boxing glove power-up, its game-changing capabilities, and how mastering it can propel you to Toy Blast stardom. Get ready to conquer the puzzle world!

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The Basics of Toy Blast

Before we unravel the secrets of the boxing glove, let’s take a moment to understand the basics of Toy Blast. Developed by Peak, Toy Blast is a match-three puzzle game available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Players are tasked with solving puzzles by matching cubes of the same color to clear levels and advance through a captivating storyline.

What is the Boxing Glove?

Now, let’s get to the star of the show—the boxing glove. In Toy Blast, the boxing glove is a special power-up that can truly turn the tide of the game.

What does the boxing glove in toy blast do?

Thus it appears as a cute boxing glove icon with a charming smiley face. But don’t let its appearance fool you; this glove packs a punch!

What does the boxing glove in toy blast do?

Well, in the mobile puzzle game Toy Blast, the boxing glove is a special power-up that can help you clear obstacles and blocks on the game board.

When you activate the boxing glove power-up, it will target a specific block or obstacle, and then it punches or removes that block from the board.

Thus this can be especially useful when you need to clear a path for your toy blocks or toys to reach their targets or when you want to complete a level’s objectives.

Keep in mind that the boxing glove power-up typically has limited uses, so you should strategize and use it wisely to maximize its effectiveness and progress through the game’s levels.

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How Does the Boxing Glove Work?

1. Matching Fun

The primary function of the boxing glove in Toy Blast is to help players clear cubes more effectively. When you match cubes of the same color as the boxing glove, it will come to life.

The glove springs into action, delivering a powerful punch that clears an entire row or column of cubes, depending on its orientation.

2. Strategy Matters

To maximize the boxing glove’s impact, strategic placement is crucial. Players often need to plan their moves carefully to create the right combination for the glove to work its magic.

As the levels become more challenging, mastering the art of using the boxing glove becomes essential for success.

Boosters and Combos

In Toy Blast, the fun doesn’t stop with just one power-up. Players can combine the boxing glove with other boosters and create explosive chain reactions.

Imagine pairing the boxing glove with a rocket or disco ball—watching the colorful chaos unfold is pure gaming joy!

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When to Use the Boxing Glove

1. Clearing Obstacles

The boxing glove is particularly handy when you encounter stubborn obstacles. Whether it’s pesky wooden crates, rubber ducks, or other hindrances, the glove can clear them with ease, making your path to victory smoother.

2. Reaching Objectives

In many levels of Toy Blast, players have specific objectives to fulfill. These can range from clearing a certain number of cubes to rescuing cute toys.

The boxing glove can be a lifesaver when you’re running out of moves and need that extra push to complete the mission.

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Can I use the boxing glove in every level of Toy Blast?

No, the availability of the boxing glove varies from level to level. It’s essential to strategize and make the most of it when it appears.

Are there any other power-ups in Toy Blast?

Yes, Toy Blast offers a variety of power-ups and boosters, each with its unique abilities. Experiment with different combinations to discover their full potential.

Can I purchase the boxing glove in the in-game store?

Toy Blast occasionally offers in-game purchases, including power-ups like the boxing glove. However, you can also earn them through gameplay.

Are there any tips for using the boxing glove effectively?

Absolutely! Timing and placement are key. Try to create matches that will activate the boxing glove strategically to clear the most challenging areas.

Where can I download Toy Blast and start playing?

You can access Toy Blast on both iOS and Android platforms. Simply visit your app store, search for Toy Blast, and embark on your colorful puzzle-solving adventure!


In the enchanting world of Toy Blast, the boxing glove is more than just a cute accessory; it’s a game-changing powerhouse.

With its ability to clear rows and columns of cubes, the boxing glove has become a beloved tool for players seeking victory.

So, the next time you’re immersed in the colorful world of Toy Blast, remember the power of the boxing glove and let it punch your way to success!

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