Do ufc gloves hurt more than boxing gloves?

Are UFC gloves more painful than their boxing counterparts?

Ever wondered if the gloves used in the octagon deliver a harsher punch than those in the ring?

The impact on a fighter’s hands and opponents can vary, and understanding the nuances is crucial for enthusiasts and athletes alike.

Let’s deep dive now.

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Do ufc gloves hurt more than boxing gloves?

The impact and perceived pain of punches in UFC gloves versus boxing gloves are subjective and depend on various factors.

UFC gloves are smaller, offering less padding, which may lead to more direct contact and potential for cuts.

Do ufc gloves hurt more than boxing gloves?

In contrast, boxing gloves provide more cushioning, distributing force over a larger area, reducing the risk of cuts but still delivering significant impact.

Ultimately, individual pain thresholds, striking techniques, and the specific circumstances of a fight play crucial roles in determining perceived pain.

Both types of gloves aim to balance protection and the sport’s inherent physicality, making comparisons complex.

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Difference between UFC glove and boxing glove

UFC gloves and boxing gloves serve distinct purposes in their respective sports. UFC gloves are open-fingered and more compact, designed for mixed martial arts (MMA) where grappling and striking are integral.

They typically weigh 4 to 6 ounces, offering less padding around the knuckles and allowing for greater hand mobility.

The reduced padding aims to promote a diverse range of fighting techniques, emphasizing submissions and ground work.

On the other hand, boxing gloves are larger and more heavily padded, weighing between 8 and 16 ounces.

Their purpose is to protect the hands during extended bouts of striking in boxing matches.

The extra padding in boxing gloves helps absorb and distribute the impact of punches, reducing the risk of injuries to the hands and face.

The differences in design reflect the unique demands and rules of each sport, ensuring safety while accommodating the specific needs of the athletes involved.

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Which one do you use?

Boxers typically use boxing gloves designed specifically for their sport. These gloves are larger and more padded than UFC gloves, ranging from 8 to 16 ounces.

The primary purpose of boxing gloves is to protect the hands and wrists during intense striking sessions while also minimizing the risk of facial injuries to opponents.

The increased padding helps distribute the impact of punches, making them safer for extended bouts.

Do ufc gloves hurt more than boxing gloves?

Boxers may also use hand wraps underneath the gloves for additional wrist support and knuckle protection.

The choice of gloves depends on the boxer’s weight class, personal preferences, and the rules of the specific competition.

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Do heavier gloves hurt more or less?

Heavier gloves generally result in less immediate pain during striking due to their increased padding, dispersing the force of impact over a larger area.

In combat sports like boxing, gloves range from 8 to 16 ounces, with heavier gloves providing more protection to the hands and reducing the risk of acute injuries.

The extra padding absorbs and cushions the force of punches, mitigating the impact on the opponent’s face and the striker’s hands.

However, over the course of a prolonged bout, fatigue may set in more quickly with heavier gloves, affecting the overall performance.

It’s essential to strike a balance; while heavier gloves offer more protection, lighter gloves are favored for speed and agility, with the trade-off being potentially increased immediate impact sensation.

Do gloves hurt more than fists?

Gloves generally hurt less than fists during strikes.

Gloves provide padding that absorbs and disperses the impact, reducing the risk of injuries to both the striker’s hand and the opponent’s face.

In contrast, bare fists lack this protective layer, making them more likely to cause immediate pain and injury.

Can you hit the bag with MMA gloves?

Yes, you can hit a bag with MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gloves. MMA gloves are designed for striking and grappling, providing some padding to protect your hands.

While not as heavily padded as boxing gloves, they still offer sufficient protection for bag training and allow practitioners to practice a variety of techniques.

How do you soften MMA gloves?

To soften MMA gloves, you can try breaking them in by wearing them during training sessions or sparring.

Additionally, applying a small amount of glove conditioner or leather softener to the gloves and gently massaging it into the material can help to make them more pliable over time.


In the world of combat sports, the debate between UFC and boxing gloves’ impact persists.

While personal preferences vary, the compact design of UFC gloves often intensifies strikes.

But the real question is, do UFC gloves truly hurt more than their boxing counterparts? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!


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