How to clean boxing gloves?

Did you ever feel overwhelmed and seemed to whiff while boxing, and you want to know how to clean boxing gloves? 

If so, you will appreciate the effortless method of cleaning boxing gloves. You know vigorous working hours and heavy training can make your gloves smell. 

Thus, which can cause hand infections and hygiene problems. 

Fortunately, now you dont need to worry at all.  Here you can see how to dry boxing gloves and how to clean smelly gloves. 

Let’s dive deep.

But if you are in hurry, follow these steps.

  • Keep them dry first
  • Wipe your gloves after use
  • Use hand wrap
  • Use disinfectant spray

How to clean boxing gloves?
Why Do Your Boxing Gloves Stink?

Now, you might ask why do your boxing gloves stink. Sounds confusing! 

Although it’s because while heavy training sessions can make your hand sewing and can sue bacterial breeding. 

Most often, you might observe most people throw their gloves after attending training sessions. And that would be the great cause of bacterial breeding and now gloves stinking. 

That’s why you must know how to clean boxing gloves without feeling stinky. 

Now, look at the reason why you should clean your boxing gloves.  

Why Should You Clean Your Boxing Gloves?

This sounds a bit obvious- but look, the reason i’m telling is that if you wouldn’t know why you should clean your boxing gloves can cause bacterial breeding and injure your hand. 

Also, cleaning your glove will increase your longevity and prevent your hand skin and nail protection. 

For that, take a look at 

Preventative care

Now look at some preventive care so that you will not face any cure, and it might also reduce your cleaning efforts. 

Here are some quick, easy ways to clean your boxing gloves. 

  • Keep them dry first

Look, the first and the foremost thing you need to understand is after training sessions first, you need to dry your gloves. 

Let them dry for 5-15 minutes so that bacteria woud’nt survive or germs will not harm your hand. 

Moreover, the best thing you can do is hang your gloves in a ventilated area or keep them in front of a fan.   

  • Wipe your gloves after use

The second best idea for keeping your gloves prevent is after training, you can use a paper towel to wipe your gloves.

So that you will get protected from bacteria and germs.

  • Use hand wrap

Most often, you might observe that most professional boxers use hand wrap because they dont left their gloves to cause a sticky smell. 

Therefore, it would be best methods if you use hand wrap- so that your hand wrap will be like a  sponge and absorb unwanted moister from the gloves.

That means after attending training sessions, you will see clean boxing gloves. Where you dont need to do anything. 

  • Use disinfectant spray

Now, if upper mentioned methods don’t work for you, the best technique is you can use a deodorizer spray or disinfectant spray. 

With the disinfectant spray, you will be able to clean your gloves and prevent them from bacterias breeding and germs. 

  • Dont put your gloves on the bag wihtout keeping them dry:

It might seems most boxers put their glvoes into the bag without keeping them dry. It is because they get tired and doesnt put their attention toward gloves. 

Thereby, this may cause bacterial breeding and germs on your hand.  


5 Hidden Methods To Clean Boxing Gloves

Now, you might look for other ways of how to clean your gloves if the above methods doesn’t wrok for you. 

Although the other reason might be you want to explore new methods so that you will not feel stinky smell, and germs, 

Moreover, here you can see a couple of free cleaning methods- that you dont feel like guilty or embarrassed. 


1. Use saltwater soak

One of the methods used is salt water, all you need to do is take saltwater and put your gloves into the water. 

But, before that, you must know that your gloves will withstand salt water. As most gloves material wouldn’t suit, a result can cause damage. 

So make sure before soaking in saltwater.  Moreover, if you are okay with the salt water, you will gladly soak your gloves overnight. That will surely destroy odor-causing bacteria. 


2. Use an anti-bacterial spray to kill germs.

The following methods is you can use anti-bacterial spray for killing bacterial breeding and germs. Now you might ask what the best anti bacterial spray for killing bacterial germs. 

Well, you can buy it from any near glove spray store. After all, the spray would help you clear all your gloves think stretch.

After spraying your gloves hang your gloves in the sun for some time. So where you feel your gloves would get some air. That where, you will be able to freshen your gloves for the upcoming training league. 

Also, the best part of this method is you can use this method regularly for cleaning your gloves.

3. Use apple cider vinegar

Now let’s come to the other apple cider vinegar method for cleaning your professional gloves for training and practice sessions. 

But before that, you must know how to use apple cider vinegar a disinfectant spray. Well, dont worry, you can take an idea from here. 

  • First, take apple vinegar cider and put a tablespoon on your hand 
  • Rub the apple cider vinegar at your hand inside the gloves
  • Let them dry for a night
  • In case if your gloves are extra smelly, you can use a few extra applications of vinegar for cleaning.


4. Use stuffing method 

Now, look at the other method of stuffing. For stuffing, you can use “glove dog.” You might wonder what are gloves dog. 

Well, these are small cotton bags filled with cedar chip which help you kill bacterial breeding from your gloves. 

The best thing you would like is these bags keep your gloves refresh, fragrant and clean. With this bag you will able be able to moister your gloves without worrying at all. 


5. Use baking soda

Last but not the least, you might ge confused with the method of sung baking soda.  Why? 

Because does’nt it sound weired to sue baking soda for cleaning your gloves instead for cooking, isnt it?

Well, you might be shocked after hearing the most trainers, coaches and boxers use it.  To clean your gloves you need to use a pair of old socks that will, paper towels ning the fred baking soda. 

  • The first step is to wipe your boxing gloves with form paper towel
  • Add baking soda into the two socks and tie a knot 
  • Put the pair of sock in each of the gloves and keep it overnight

That’s how the soak will absorb the smell and kill the germs and leaving the fresh scent fell. 

The most important thing is what not to do.

Now you might wonder that  what not to do.  Why?

It’s because going gym regularly for boxing sessions requires your gloves which may result in your gloves sweety. 

Although the same time, your gloves get smelly and cause bacterial breeding.

Thereby we have mentioned a few methods of cleaning boxing gloves that prevent your gloves from smelling fresh and durable.

Now most often, you might want to know what not to do with the boxing gloves that make them new and flexible. 

Take a look at some methods that you wouldn’t do to your gloves.

  • Don’t use a washing machine to clean your boxing gloves. Because this can repair gloves and damage their durability
  • Avoid slicker gel inside to your boxing gloves. Because by using Silica Gel can you spoil your gloves from inside
  •  Don’t let your gloves in the sunlight for longer.  as a result, it can cause cracks at your gloves material.

As you see, some of the not to do methods while cleaning your boxing gloves. Now let’s move to some of your questions?

Related FAQ’S

How often should you wash boxing gloves?

It sounds bit obvious that how often should you wash your gloves? Isn’t it?

For sure, trainers wipe their boxing gloves after every training session. So you also have to wipe down your gloves  And dry them a bit, instead of  putting them in the bag.

Although the first and foremost thing is to absorb excess moisture from your gloves after taking training sessions.  Why?

It’s because if you find sweaty inside of your glove, it can cause germs and bacterial breeding as a result of hand infection.

So cleaning your boxing gloves after every training session  is a great practice. 

Now look at washing recommendations when it comes to cleaning your boxing gloves.


Should I wash my boxing gloves?

If you are a beginner boxer, you might wonder if can you use the washing machine for washing boxing gloves.

Well, the answer is you should not wash your professional gloves in the washing machine. The reason for not using a washing machine for washing your boxing gloves is because water and cleaning detergents can spirit wear and tear the foam of your boxing gloves. 

Moreover, which can spoil your gloves and decrease their lifespan and also rip them Off.


How to wash boxing gloves?

A quick answer who is looking for washing gloves rather a cleaning? However, To wash boxing gloves, you will need the following:

-Soap or detergent

– Water

– A bucket or sink

– A sponge or cloth

  1. Fill the bucket or sink with enough warm water to cover the gloves. Add a small amount of soap or detergent. Swish the water around to create suds.
  2. Put the gloves in the water and let them soak for a few minutes.
  3. Rub the gloves with your hands to help loosen any dirt or debris. Alternatively, you can use a sponge or cloth to scrub them clean. 
  4. Rinse the gloves under running water until all of the suds are gone. 
  5.  Hang them up to air dry

How do you get the smell out of gloves?

Now you would ask how you could get the smell of your boxing gloves. But first you don’t need to worry at all.

Because I have mentioned  5 methods of cleaning your boxing gloves. So that you will be able to get the smell out from your gloves. 

Can you freeze your boxing gloves?

It sounds a bit confusing! Isn’t it 

Well, it’s not recommended to freeze your boxing gloves as it doesn’t kill germs and bacteria and can damage your gloves. 

The significant reason for not freezing your gloves is when you put your gloves in the frozen area, it would have eaten the germs but doesn’t get rid of them.

And when you put out your gloves for training sessions, the germs warm up again, and it can cause bacterial breathing to your hand,

Use hand wrap to clean your gloves clean. 

Lastly, most professional boxers became and to use a hand grip to keep their gloves clean and fresh.

Because these gloves absorb the suit and give a fresh look to your glove, and also it’s an easy way to keep your gloves bacterial-free.

And also hand wrap work as a shield between your skin and your glove. Which is excellent for your boxing experience and hitting journey.


You see five methods of cleaning your boxing gloves with baking soda and boxing disinfectant spray.

Also you can use Apple Cider Vinegar to find your boxing gloves because it can prevent bad smells from your gloves and give you a nice feeling while boxing.

Hope you love the blog,  and let us know in the comments how you clean your boxing gloves. 


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