Boxing star how to dodge big glove?

Have you ever wondered how top boxing stars manage to effortlessly dodge those big, menacing gloves coming their way?

Dodging is an art that can make or break a fighter in the ring.

In this article, we will reveal the secrets of how boxing legends gracefully evade those heavy blows and gain the upper hand in their matches.

The key to dodging lies in impeccable footwork, lightning-fast reflexes, and a keen understanding of an opponent’s patterns. By mastering the art of slipping, bobbing, and weaving, these boxing stars become elusive targets that leave their rivals frustrated and vulnerable.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of their elusive moves and enhance your boxing skills to a whole new level.

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The Art of Dodging in Boxing

Understanding Defensive Techniques

Dodging is a part of a broader defensive strategy in boxing. It involves the strategic movement of the body to avoid an opponent’s punches.

Boxing star how to dodge big glove?

Mastering the art of dodging allows a boxer to conserve energy while staying elusive, forcing the opponent to exert more effort.

Importance of Dodging

Dodging is essential in boxing as it not only helps in avoiding direct hits but also sets up counterpunching opportunities.

It frustrates the opponent and disrupts their rhythm, giving the dodging boxer an advantage in dictating the pace of the fight. Here how to wash boxing glove?

Hidden techniques to dodge a big glove

1. Footwork and Angles

Creating Distance

Footwork is paramount when it comes to dodging punches. By maintaining the right distance, a boxer can make it challenging for the opponent to land their shots.

Proper footwork allows the dodging boxer to control the fight’s pace and direction.

Pivot and Side Step

Pivoting and side-stepping are effective techniques to dodge big gloves. By pivoting away from an incoming punch or taking a lateral step, a boxer can evade the attack and quickly reposition to launch a counterpunch.

Boxing star how to dodge big glove?

2. Head Movement


Slipping involves subtle head movement to evade punches. A skilled boxer can lean their upper body slightly backward, forward, or to the sides, causing the opponent’s punch to miss its mark.

Bob and Weave

Bobbing involves bending at the knees and waist to make the head a moving target. Weaving complements bobbing and involves shifting the upper body from side to side. These movements make it difficult for the opponent to land a clean punch.

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3. Upper Body Defense

Shoulder Roll

The shoulder roll technique, famously employed by Floyd Mayweather Jr., is an advanced defensive tactic that utilizes the lead shoulder to deflect punches. Mastering this technique can be highly effective in dodging and countering.


Parrying involves redirecting an opponent’s punch with a well-timed, controlled tap. It requires precision and timing to avoid direct hits while keeping the hands in a position to counterpunch effectively.

4. Utilizing the Jab

Measuring the Distance

The jab is an essential tool in a boxer’s arsenal, not only for offense but also for defense. Using the jab effectively helps a fighter gauge the distance and timing of their opponent’s punches, making dodging more efficient.

Using the Jab to Set Up Dodges

A well-executed jab can set up dodging opportunities. By jabbing to the head or body, a boxer can provoke a reaction from the opponent and exploit openings to dodge incoming punches.

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5. Counterpunching Opportunities

Capitalizing on Opponent’s Mistakes

Dodging helps a boxer avoid punches and creates opportunities for counterpunching. A skilled boxer can capitalize on their mistakes by making an opponent miss and land powerful counter shots.

6. Mental Focus and Anticipation

Reading Your Opponent

Mental focus and anticipation are vital in dodging effectively. By studying an opponent’s patterns and tendencies, a boxer can predict their moves and respond with the appropriate dodging techniques.

Boxing star how to dodge big glove?

Staying Calm Under Pressure

Remaining composed under pressure is crucial when dodging big gloves. Panicking can lead to mistakes and make it easier for the opponent to land punches.

7. Drills and Training Tips

Shadow Boxing with Focus on Dodging

Shadow boxing allows a boxer to practice dodging movements without the pressure of an opponent. It helps improve reflexes and enhances the muscle memory required for effective dodging.

Partner Drills

Working with a training partner on dodging drills can simulate real fight scenarios. Partners can take turns throwing punches, allowing the boxer to practice different dodging techniques in a controlled environment. Here what is lacing a boxing glove?

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Overcommitting to Dodging

While dodging is essential, overusing it can be detrimental. Overcommitting to dodging may lead to unnecessary movements, exhausting the boxer and leaving them vulnerable to counterattacks.

Neglecting Defense

Focusing solely on offensive techniques can leave a boxer exposed. Neglecting defensive maneuvers, including dodging, can result in taking unnecessary hits.

The Importance of Conditioning

Agility and Flexibility

Dodging requires a high level of agility and flexibility. Regular conditioning exercises and flexibility training can significantly improve a boxer’s ability to execute dodging movements effectively.

Core Strength

Strong core muscles are essential for maintaining balance and stability during dodging. Core strengthening exercises should be incorporated into a boxer’s training routine.

Psychological Warfare

Implying Elusiveness

A boxer known for their exceptional dodging skills can create a psychological advantage over their opponents. The reputation of being elusive can make opponents more cautious and hesitant in their attacks.

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Pair of red boxing gloves in boxing ring

Breaking the Opponent’s Rhythm

Effective dodging disrupts an opponent’s rhythm, making it difficult for them to establish a comfortable fighting pace. This can lead to frustration and mistakes on the opponent’s part.

Notable Boxers with Exceptional Dodging Skills

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, the legendary heavyweight champion, was renowned for his incredible footwork and head movement, allowing him to dodge punches gracefully and precisely.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., one of the greatest defensive boxers of all time, utilized the shoulder roll and other defensive techniques to avoid punches and maintain an undefeated professional record.

Now let’s move to some related faq’s

Related faq’s

How do you block on boxing star?

In Boxing Star, you can block incoming attacks by holding the guard button (usually the shield icon) while facing your opponent.

Timing and positioning are crucial for effective blocking. Remember to mix blocking with evasive maneuvers and counterattacks to enhance your defensive strategy and create openings for your own strikes.

How do you equip gloves in boxing star?

To equip gloves in Boxing Star, follow these steps:

  1. Open the game and go to the main menu.
  2. Tap on the “Boxer” icon to access your boxer’s profile.
  3. Select “Equipment” and then choose “Gloves.”
  4. Pick the desired gloves from your inventory to equip them on your boxer’s hands.

How do you use skill points in boxing star?

In Boxing Star, you can use skill points to upgrade your boxer’s skills and improve their performance in the ring.

To do this, go to the “Boxer” section in the main menu, select “Skill,” and then choose the skill you want to upgrade. Spend skill points to enhance specific abilities and create a formidable boxer.

How do you unlock potential power in boxing star?

In Boxing Star, you can unlock potential power for your boxer by reaching a certain level and completing specific quests or missions.

As you progress in the game and achieve higher ranks, you’ll gradually unlock your boxer’s potential, allowing you to access more skills and abilities to enhance their overall power and performance.


In conclusion, mastering the art of dodging big gloves is imperative for any boxing star. The key lies in honing reflexes, footwork, and anticipation to evade powerful punches while staying agile and balanced.

Through relentless training and dedication, a boxer can enhance their defensive prowess and rise to greatness in the ring.


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