What glove size is usually used in boxing?

When it comes to the world of boxing, every detail counts. From the ferocity of the punches to the agility of the footwork, it’s a sport that demands precision.

And one crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked is the size of the gloves. Where beginners might wonder what glove size is usually used in boxing. In boxing, the glove size typically used depends on the weight class. The most common size is 10 ounces for professional bouts, while amateur and training sessions often use 12 or 14-ounce gloves.

Here look up what kind of boxing glove you have.

What glove size is usually used in boxing?

These gloves not only provide protection but also allow fighters to maintain a balance between power and speed.

So, whether you’re stepping into the ring or simply curious, the right glove size is vital for a knockout performance.

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Importance of Choosing the Right Glove Size

Selecting the correct glove size is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, a well-fitting glove enhances comfort, allowing the boxer to maintain focus and perform at their best.

Secondly, the right glove size protects the hands and wrists, reducing the risk of sprains, fractures, and other injuries.

Lastly, boxing gloves that fit properly contribute to the overall effectiveness of punches and stir

What glove size is usually used in boxing?

Boxing gloves come in various sizes, typically measured in ounces (oz). The most commonly used glove sizes in boxing are 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz. The appropriate glove size depends on the weight class and purpose of the boxing session.

For professional bouts, boxers usually wear gloves between 8 oz and 10 oz, with lighter weight classes using smaller sizes.

Amateur boxers often use 10 oz or 12 oz gloves. Heavier glove sizes, such as 14 oz and 16 oz, are commonly used for training, sparring, and general workouts.

The choice of glove size is crucial for safety and proper hand protection in boxing.

Note: How many ounces does a professional boxing glove weigh?

3 Hidden Factors to Consider When Selecting Glove Size

Choosing the appropriate glove size depends on various factors, including hand size, weight, and personal preference. Here are some essential considerations to keep in mind:

  • Hand Size:

Measure the circumference of your hand just below the knuckles to determine its size. This measurement will help you identify the range of glove sizes suitable for you.

  • Weight:

Different glove sizes are recommended for different weight classes. Selecting a size that aligns with your weight is important to ensure optimal protection and performance.

What glove size is usually used in boxing?

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  • Purpose:

Consider whether you intend to use the gloves for training or competitions. Training gloves are generally heavier and offer more padding, while competition gloves are lighter and provide a closer feel to the impact.

Understanding Boxing Glove Sizes

Boxing gloves are typically measured in ounces (oz). The weight refers to the padding and protection provided by the gloves.

Heavier gloves offer more padding and are suitable for training purposes, whereas lighter gloves are preferred for competitions.

It’s important to note that glove size and weight are different. The weight of the gloves is measured in ounces, while the size usually refers to the hand circumference. The most common glove sizes in boxing range from 8 oz to 22 oz.

Determining Your Glove Size

To determine your glove size, you need to measure the circumference of your hand.

Use a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your hand just below the knuckles. Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight. Note down the measurement in inches or centimeters, depending on your preference.

Once you have your hand circumference measurement, you can use it to find the appropriate glove size from the boxing glove size chart. Here look up how big your hand is for 14 ounces of boxing glove.

Boxing Glove Size Chart

Here is a comprehensive boxing glove size chart based on hand circumference:

Glove Size: 8 oz

  • Hand Circumference: 6.5″ – 7.5″ (16.5 cm – 19 cm)
  • Suitable for: Younger boxers or those with small hands

Glove Size: 10 oz

  • Hand Circumference: 7.5″ – 8.5″ (19 cm – 21.5 cm)
  • Suitable for: Competitive bouts in lower weight classes (up to 147 lbs / 67 kg)

Glove Size: 12 oz

  • Hand Circumference: 8.5″ – 9.5″ (21.5 cm – 24 cm)
  • Suitable for: Training and sparring sessions for boxers in the middleweight range (147 lbs – 160 lbs / 67 kg – 73 kg)

What glove size is usually used in boxing?

Glove Size: 14 oz

  • Hand Circumference: 9.5″ – 10.5″ (24 cm – 26.5 cm)
  • Suitable for: Sparring and training sessions for boxers in the higher weight classes (160 lbs – 180 lbs / 73 kg – 82 kg)

Glove Size: 16 oz

  • Hand Circumference: 10.5″ – 11.5″ (26.5 cm – 29 cm)
  • Suitable for: General training, sparring, and bag work for boxers in the heavyweight range (over 180 lbs / 82 kg)

Glove Size: 18 oz

  • Hand Circumference: 11.5″ – 12.5″ (29 cm – 31.5 cm)
  • Suitable for: Boxers with larger hands or those seeking extra protection during training

Glove Size: 20 oz

  • Hand Circumference: 12.5″ – 13.5″ (31.5 cm – 34 cm)
  • Suitable for: Heavyweight boxers or those who prefer additional padding for training

Glove Size: 22 oz

  • Hand Circumference: 13.5″ – 14.5″ (34 cm – 36.8 cm)
  • Suitable for: Boxers with larger hands or those who require maximum padding and protection

What glove size is usually used in boxing?

Please note that the above size chart serves as a general guideline, and individual preferences may vary. It is recommended to try on different glove sizes to ensure the best fit and comfort.


Can I use the same glove size for training and competitions?

You can use the same glove size for training and competitions. However, it is important to consider the weight and padding preferences based on the intensity and purpose of your training or match.

What if my hand circumference falls between two sizes on the chart?

If your hand circumference falls between two sizes, it is generally recommended to choose the larger size. Having a slightly looser fit is better than a glove that feels too tight and restricts your hand movement.

Are there specific glove sizes for women in boxing?

No, glove sizes are not gender-specific. The same glove sizes apply to both men and women in boxing. Glove size selection should be based on hand circumference and individual preferences.

Can I use hand wraps with boxing gloves?

Absolutely! Hand wraps provide additional support and protection to your hands and wrists. It is recommended to always wear hand wraps underneath your boxing gloves during training and matches.

How often should I replace my boxing gloves?

The lifespan of boxing gloves depends on various factors, including frequency of use, intensity of training, and quality of the gloves.

Generally, boxing gloves can last anywhere from 6 months to a few years. It’s important to inspect your gloves regularly for signs of wear and tear and replace them when necessary to maintain optimal protection.

Can I use MMA gloves for boxing?

MMA gloves and boxing gloves serve different purposes. Boxing gloves provide more padding and protection for punching, while MMA gloves are designed to allow for grappling and striking.

It is recommended to use specific boxing gloves for boxing training and matches to ensure proper hand protection.

What is the average boxing glove size for a man?

A man’s average boxing glove size varies depending on the weight class and personal preference. However, the most commonly used glove size for adult male boxers in professional bouts is 10 ounces.

This size balances protection and mobility, allowing boxers to deliver powerful punches while maintaining speed and dexterity.

It’s important to note that glove sizes may differ for amateur and training sessions, where 12 or 14-ounce gloves are often utilized for added padding and safety


Selecting the right glove size is crucial for any boxer to ensure comfort, protection, and optimal performance.

You can determine the most suitable glove size for your needs by considering hand size, weight, and purpose.

Referencing the boxing glove size chart based on hand circumference will help you decide when purchasing your next pair of boxing gloves.

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