How to sew boxing glove liner to glove?

Are you tired of your boxing gloves feeling uncomfortable and lacking proper cushioning? If so, sewing a glove liner to your gloves can be the perfect solution.

Not only does it provide an additional layer of comfort, but it also helps to absorb sweat and keeps your gloves smelling fresh.

So, how exactly can you sew a boxing glove liner to your gloves? Let’s find out!

In a nutshell, sewing a boxing glove liner involves cutting the liner fabric to match the shape of your gloves, stitching it securely around the inner lining, and ensuring a snug fit.

By adding this extra layer, you can enhance the overall fit and feel of your gloves, giving you a more enjoyable training or sparring experience.

With the right technique and a little bit of patience, you’ll have your gloves ready for action in no time.

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How to sew boxing glove liner to glove?

From choosing the right materials to mastering the sewing technique, our comprehensive guide dives deeper into the process, providing step-by-step instructions and useful tips from renowned boxing gear experts.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your boxing gloves and take your training sessions to the next level, let’s get started on this exciting journey of customization and comfort.

How to Sew Boxing Glove Liner to Glove?

Gathering the Materials

Gathering all the necessary materials is crucial before you start sewing the boxing glove liner to your glove. Here’s what you’ll need: Thus here, you can check out how to tell what kind of boxing glove.

  1. Boxing glove liner
  2. Boxing glove
  3. Needle
  4. Thread
  5. Scissors
  6. Pins
  7. Measuring tape
  8. Chalk or fabric marker

Preparing the Gloves

1. Inspecting the Gloves

Before attaching the glove liner, thoroughly inspect both the boxing glove and the liner for any damages or tears. It’s essential to repair any existing damage before proceeding with the sewing process.

2. Cleaning the Gloves

Clean the glove and the liner to ensure they’re free from dirt, sweat, and other contaminants. You can use a mild detergent or a fabric cleaner to wash them gently. Allow them to air dry completely before continuing.

How to sew boxing glove liner to glove?

Positioning the Liner

1. Placing the Liner

Lay the boxing glove liner flat on a clean and smooth surface. Make sure it is positioned properly and smooth out any wrinkles or folds. This step will help ensure a neat and comfortable fit inside the glove. Here check out

2. Aligning the Glove

Insert your hand into the boxing glove and position it correctly within the liner. Ensure that your fingers and thumb fit snugly into the corresponding glove compartments. Here look up Roblox- how to make a boxing glove?

Sewing the Liner to the Glove

1. Securing the Liner

With the liner and glove aligned, use pins to secure the liner to the glove at strategic points. This will prevent the liner from shifting or bunching up during the sewing process.

2. Thread Selection

Choose a durable and strong thread that matches the color of the glove or the liner. This will ensure a seamless and inconspicuous finish.

3. Knotting the Thread

Thread your needle and create a knot at the end of the thread. This will prevent it from slipping through the fabric as you sew.

4. Starting the Stitch

Begin sewing by inserting the needle from the inside of the glove, going through both the glove and the liner. Start at the base of the fingers or palm area for added stability.

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5. Stitching Technique

Use a basic running stitch or a whip stitch to secure the liner to the glove. Maintain even spacing between each stitch for consistent and secure attachment. Thus here, look up what a rocky signed boxing glove is worth.

6. Completing the Stitch

Continue stitching along the edges of the liner, ensuring a firm and tight connection. Make sure to stitch around the finger compartments and thumb area for maximum stability.

7. Knotting the Thread

Once you’ve sewn around the entire liner, secure the stitch by creating a knot at the end of the thread. Trim any excess thread for a clean and professional look.

8. Removing the Pins

Remove the pins used to secure the liner during the sewing process. Be cautious not to damage the glove or the liner while removing the pins.

Testing and Adjusting

1. Fitting the Gloves

Put on the newly lined gloves and check for comfort and fit. Make sure the liner doesn’t cause any discomfort or restrict movement.

2. Making Adjustments

If you find any areas needing adjustments, such as tightness or lose sections, carefully remove the stitches in that area and re-sew it to achieve the desired fit.

3. Double-Checking the Stitching

Take a close look at the stitching to ensure it is secure and has no loose threads. Reinforce any weak areas or loose stitches to prevent unraveling.


Can I use any type of liner for my boxing gloves?

Yes, you can use various types of liners for your boxing gloves, such as cotton, nylon, or moisture-wicking materials. Choose a liner that suits your preferences and provides comfort and hygiene.

Do I need to sew the liner to every glove I own?

It’s not necessary to sew the liner to every glove you own. You can have multiple liners and switch them out depending on your preference or the level of sweat accumulation.

Can I sew the liner by hand if I don’t have a sewing machine?

Absolutely! Sewing the liner by hand is completely doable. Just make sure to use a strong and durable thread and maintain even stitches for a secure attachment.

How often should I wash the liner?

Washing the liner regularly is recommended, especially if you use your boxing gloves frequently. Washing them after every few uses or when they start to develop an odor will help maintain hygiene and extend the gloves’ lifespan.

Can I sew a liner to gloves with pre-existing lining?

Yes, you can sew a liner to gloves with pre-existing lining. However, make sure to remove any damaged or worn-out lining before attaching the new liner for a better fit and improved comfort.

Can I use fabric glue instead of sewing?

While fabric glue can be an alternative, sewing the liner provides a more secure and long-lasting attachment. Fabric glue may not withstand rigorous movements and sweat during boxing sessions.


Sewing a boxing glove liner to your gloves is a practical and effective way to enhance comfort, absorb sweat, and maintain hygiene.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to sew the liner to your gloves with ease.

Remember to choose the appropriate materials, secure the liner properly, and maintain even stitches for a durable and seamless finish. Enjoy your improved boxing experience with well-lined gloves!

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