What does oz mean in boxing gloves?

When you walk into a boxing gym, one of the first things you’ll notice are the hefty gloves hung up on the walls.

They come in all sorts of colors and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: the oz rating.

What does oz mean in boxing gloves?

But what does oz mean in boxing gloves, and why is it important?

Keep reading to find out!

The size is measured in ounces.

The size of a serving is typically measured in ounces. For example, a typical serving of meat is six ounces, while when it comes to boxing gloves, it measures in ounces.

So the oz refers to ounces in boxing.

This measurement is important because it lets you know how much of a particular boxing size you should eat. When portion sizes are too large, it can lead to unfit boxing gloves where you can’t punch your opponent with force.  

On the other hand, if portion sizes are too small, you may not be getting the fit into your hand. 

Therefore, it is important to be aware of the standard sizes for different boxing gloves to ensure you are training correctly. 

What sizes are available?

There are many different sizes of boxing gloves available. The most common size for everyday use by professional gloves are 12oz, 16oz and 18oz.

However, there are other size availabe in the market. 1oz, 12oz,, 16oz,18oz. 

Finally, there are also super-size and giant-size boxing gloves for professional. 

Kid’s boxing glove sizing

Proper glove size is important for kids boxing. The gloves should not be too big or too small but just right for the child’s hand.

If the gloves are too big, the child will have a hard time making a fist and throwing punches. If the gloves are too small, the child’s fingers will be cramped up and uncomfortable.

In addition, the gloves need to be snug enough so that they don’t slide around on the hand during punching but not so tight that they constrict blood flow.

To find the correct size, measure the circumference of the child’s hand just below the knuckles (not including the thumb) and refer to a size chart.

Generally, glove sizes range from ExtraSmall (XS) to Large (L). For example, a child with a hand measurement of 5 inches would need an XS glove while a child with a hand measurement of 7 inches would need a Small (S) glove.

Once you know the size, you can buy gloves that are specifically designed for kids boxing. These gloves will have all the features that adult gloves have but in a smaller size.

How to work out what size boxing gloves you need?

When you’re looking for a pair of boxing gloves, size is everything. If the gloves are too big, they’ll be bulky and obstruct your movement.

If they’re too small, they’ll constrict your hand and limit your range of motion. So how can you determine what size gloves you need? The first step is to measure your hand. wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your hand, just below the knuckles.

Make a note of this measurement and then consult a size chart to find the gloves that will fit best.

Once you’ve found the right size, it’s important to try on the gloves to make sure they’re comfortable and allow you to move freely. With a little bit of effort, you can find a pair of gloves that fit like a glove (pun intended).

Should I get 14 or 16-oz gloves?

It depends on what you’re using the gloves for. If you’re primarily a sparring partner, then 14 oz gloves will do the trick.

However, if you’re looking to compete or are involved in other forms of combat, then 16 oz gloves would be a better choice.

Should I get 12oz or 14oz boxing gloves?

It depends on what you’re training for. 12 oz gloves are generally used for general training, while 14 oz gloves are often used for sparring.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend getting 12 oz gloves to build up your strength and stamina before progressing to heavier gloves.

Related FAQ’s

What are 8oz gloves for?

 Boxing gloves come in different sizes, typically 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, and 14oz. The size of the glove you wear depends on the weight class you are competing in.

For example, a flyweight boxer would compete in a weight class of 112lbs or less and would therefore wear an 8oz glove.

A heavyweight boxer would compete in a weight class of over 200lbs and would wear a 14oz glove.

Are 12 oz gloves good for heavy bags?

Yes, 12 oz gloves are good for heavy bags. They offer enough padding and protection for your hands while still providing a good grip and allowing you to punch through the bag.


As you can see, there are a few different meanings when it comes to the oz in boxing gloves. It all depends on which country or region you’re in as well as the weight class of the boxer.

In general, though, a heavier glove will have more padding and be better for sparring, while a lighter one is going to be used in competition.

Knowing this should help you choose the right size and type of glove for your next match or training session.

So, now that you know what oz means in boxing gloves put on your gear and get in the ring! And don’t forget to follow us for more tips and tricks on all things boxing. Thanks for reading!

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